Street artist Banksy has given Bridge Farm Primary School a special gift, after the school voted to name a house after him.

The painting which depicts a burning tyre, house and flower, appeared on the wall of Bridge Farm during the half-term holiday (6 June). Charlie, a pupil at the school had written to Banksy to tell him about the vote.

Along with the 14ft mural, there was a letter addressed to the caretaker from Banksy. He thanked the school, but also tells the children remember - its always easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Simon Dixon, a teacher at the school, was shocked by the appearance of the picture.

I got an email on Friday (3 June), because I emailed they a couple of weeks ago, and they asked me just for my number, so I emailed them my number and didnt really hear anything back and didnt really think anything of it.

And then this morning (6 June) at 6 oclock this morning I got a phone call just to pre-warn me that there is a Banksy on the wall at school and I might want to give my headmaster a heads-up.