Bollywood movie "Bangistan" starring Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat in the lead roles has garnered decent reviews from the audiences across the globe.

Written and directed by Karan Anshuman, "Bangistan" is a comedy film, which is a satire on fundamentalism. The film is about two terrorists, who are on a mission to change the world. How these guys with lofty ideologies and ordinary talent make a huge impact on world peace will form the crux of the movie.

After watching the film, many viewers shared their verdict on their Twitter pages. They say that the movie has a very interesting story and also offers a brilliant message. Riteish Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat's performances are the main highlights of the movie.

Here is live update of "Bangistan" movie review by audience.

Madhuri Prabhu ‏@thtsmadhuri_05

#‎Bangistan starts off as a comic caper that has some brilliant moments. However post interval, one is treated to a clichéd twist, Pulkit Samrat's over-acting skills and an idiotic climax. Riteish Deshmukh tries to lift the spirit of the film and succeeds to some extent. Jacqueline Fernandez has nothing much to do except a dance number and mouth few dialogues. Sadly the film takes off with a bang and ends with a whimper!

Salilacharya ?@Salilacharya

So i rather enjoyed #bangistan well most of it @pulkitsamrat was a revelation and @Riteishd just knows wat buttons to press lol and well #Bangistan is perfect front bench humour , its naughtgy and gives you the cheap thrills , evryones silly as hell and i love that the end is rather long drawn and rather dramatic soo you end up cringing but its got quite a few moments #Bangistan which make u smile so 3 stars for #Bangistan watch it for @PulkitSamrat and @Riteishd make the script jump out

Rahul Raut ‏@RahulrazFilmy

Some films are only to entertain, some are only to educate but #Bangistan is the one which entertains you putting across a social message. Yes, it is a hat-trick for @Riteishd. He is in totally different avatar this time but he has done the same brilliant work what he always do. #Bangistan is a rare film which hasn't been made earlier and I think no will can in coming years. All credit goes to @Krnx. What a film! @Riteishd is the winner. @PulkitSamrat has also done a great job. Not so impressed with @Asli_Jacqueline's role. #BangistanReview There is nothing objectable and harmful for the image of any country in #Bangistan. I wonder why #Pakistan and #UAE banned it. @Krnx

Salil ‏@creativegossip

#Bangistan Review: a sensative issue of humanity dealt in an insensitive manner laced with disastrous music. @Riteishd @PulkitSamrat @krnx

Geeक ‏@yatharthsingh

Just Watched #Bangistan its a great movie & also an inspiration for us to make Bomb in Delhi... - #Kejri

Manik sharma ‏@ErManikSharma

#Bangistan is a film with that delivers worth learning message , awesome work by .@Riteishd & .@pulkitsamrat

Bharat Sharma ‏@ImBharatbsharma

@PulkitSamrat #Bangistan Awesome Movie.. Superb Acting by Pulkit Samrat...

Rachit Gupta ?@radiochatter

Death by #Bangistan .. why on earth was this barrage of lunacy made? Terrible writing and terrible filmmaking. Catch a review soon @filmfare

Jaey Gajera ‏@JaeyGajeraIndia

#Bangistan is a comic caper that has some brilliant moments. Entertaining Film. @krnx @Riteishd @Bangistan #RiteishInBangistan @PulkitSamrat

Mia EP ‏@MiaEP5

@Riteishd @PulkitSamrat super entertaining film #Bangistan!! love you Pulkit! great message for every religion! superb film! LOVED IT

Abhishek Dogra ‏@abhishekdograa

Just saw #Bangistan @PulkitSamrat u rock.Gr8 chemistry with @Riteishd. beautiful msg in the Bangistan #PeaceAndLove.

Utpal patel ‏@utpal_cool001

Just saw #Bangistan 4 stars for a FANTATSTIC FILM and must watch for the message. @PulkitSamrat and @Riteishd r really SUPERCOOL.

Sardar Khan ‏@SardaarKhan

#Bangistan review : Avoid this crap, Save 200 bucks. This is worst movie of the decade. Such a poor director, no idea what he is doing. Yawn! #Bangistan Save your money. Avoid! #Review

Ginger Spice ‏@bluangel786

New movie #bangistan A rip off of 4 Lions. Welcome to India where ideas aren't original &. Subconsciously ure told India is better than pk.

Pankaj Sabnani ‏@pankajsabnani

#Bangistan is slightly less pakau than #Jaanisaar. But avoid both.