After the arrest of Obaidulla Rehman from Hyderabad, Bangalore police said on Saturday that the terror module has been cracked down and they have evidences to believe that the conspirators of this terror module are in Saudi Arabia.

"The conspirators are believed to be in Saudi Arabia. It's a sensitive issue, we have to be very careful, the information we get has to be verified first and we have to get evidence," said Jyoti Prakash Mirji Bangalore Police Commissioner to IBN Live.

The channel also quoted him saying that the 21-year-old student arrested from Hyderabad on Friday evening was part of a conspiracy to kill one Hindu leader and two corporators.

"One more suspect Obaidulla Rehman, age 21, has been arrested from Hyderabad. He along with others conspired to kill two corporators and one Hindu leader in Hyderabad”. When he asked about the reactions of the suspects’ families, he said, "Their parents may not be believing, no parents believe their children can go to that extent."

So far, Central Crime Branch of the Bangalore Police has arrested 12 people in relation to the Karnataka terror probe. Earlier on Thursday, the police detained 11 youths from Karnataka including a journalist and a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) scientist for their suspected links with the banned terror outfits. They were later produced in Bangalore court and were sent to 14-day police custody for further interrogation. Later on Friday, police picked up one from Hyderabad on the basis of the information given out by the youths arrested in Bangalore.

Meanwhile, the parents of the arrested have come together to give a joint press conference on Friday and told reporters that the arrest of the youths was a shock and demanded their release.

"He was never involved in any illegal activity and has no links whatsoever with any outfit," said Kausar Begum, mother of Ubaidru Rehman to Zee News.