Metro rail service in Bangalore.
A representational picture: The newly launched metro rail service in Bangalore.IBTimes

According to the results of the latest global survey, conducted by Mercer (a global HR consultancy), Bangalore ranks 141 in its "Quality of Living List" for 2011; although a relatively uncomplimentary final position, given that only 221 cities were considered, the South Indian city still ranks better than New Delhi (143), Mumbai (144), Chennai (150) and Kolkata (151).

Indian cities do marginally better in a ranking of the safest cities in the world. Mercer's "Personal Safety" 2011 list has Chennai the highest, at 108, followed by Bangalore (117), New Delhi and Kolkata (127) and Mumbai (142).

At the top end of the scale, for quality of living, the Austrian capital of Vienna was ranked first, followed by Switzerland's Zurich and New Zealand's Auckland. The second list, for personal safety, saw Luxembourg placed on top, followed by Bern of Switzerland; Helsinki, Finland; Zurich, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Geneva, Switzerland; and Stockholm, Sweden.

The two lists did agree on one point - Baghdad, Iraq, was ranked 221 and last, on both lists.

The criteria for determining standards of living were the political, social and economic environments, socio-cultural and medical considerations, schooling and education, public service and transport, recreation opportunities, consumer goods and housing and, finally, natural environment.

The second list was ranked on measures of internal stability, crime levels, effectiveness of law enforcement and the host country's international relationships.