'Bang With Friends’
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A new app which lets users to hook up with their Facebook friends anonymously is reportedly at its expansion mode, according to new reports.

The controversial sex app, 'Bang With Friends', was released last week by an anonymous group and has been making headlines since then. The creators of the sex app are reportedly looking at its possible expansion after the launch .

"Support for same-sex selections is already under development here at BWF along with an iPhone application for banging on the go," the app's creators told Mashable. While the creators provided no specific launch date, they said these new features will launch "soon."

The BWF app lets users get in touch with their Facebook friends who they would like to 'bang' by selecting the option 'down for a bang'. The user on the other end will receive an email notification regarding the same. Those using the app are guaranteed complete privacy.

"We're just giving you closer access to the truth. It should be something you're expressive about, that you're comfortable with, and if there's a beautiful woman or a handsome man you're interested in, you shouldn't hold back," The Daily Beast quoted one of the app's creators as saying.

The app is believed to have more than 30,000 users in four days of its launch and is going viral with five new users getting registered every minute. Users will get a list of friends from which they can choose, and after deciding on their choice of partner they can click on the "Down to Bang" option. This will then change to "Awaiting Bang."

According to the creators, believed to be three California-based men, the idea of the sex app was an initiation to improve online dating services like eHarmony or Match.com. They also added that the app's users will be mostly "people in their twenties, recent college graduates and people in college."

"We'll be honest with you, we made this in two hours... with a lot of Red Bull and vodka ... and it took off on its own," one of the creators said. "What we're working on right now is building sexual preferences. I personally am completely towards gay rights. We want to give everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang."