BanChineseProducts trending heavily on social media in India: What is your stand?
BanChineseProducts trending heavily on social media in India: What is your stand?Reuters

Social media in India is currently abuzz with a new campaign called #BanChineseProducts that aims at creating awareness against using China-made products. This comes in the wake of China's stance against India's efforts to brand Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Masood Azhar as a global terrorist.

Another reason for the #BanChineseProducts campaign is the more recent action by China to obstruct a territory of the Brahmaputra river, reportedly to develop a hydro-electric project.

Indians are now expressing their resentment to China's actions on social media. Here are some comments that people have posted online for the #BanChineseProducts campaign. People are also advocating a strong Swadeshi movement in India by educating people on the significance of staying away from made-in-China products.

 Besides made-in-China products, e-tailers based in the country that deliver products to India are also being discouraged. Netizens are being discouraged on the social media against browsing through sites like AliExpress, Tmart and GeekBuying.

The campaign to ban Chinese products is also being circulated on the popular instant messenger, WhatsApp. Here's what a recent message says:

"Q – Who Support Terrorists?
Ans – Pakistan

Q – Who Support Pakistan
Ans – China

Q – Who Support China
Ans – We the people of India

Q – How?
Ans – China is India's key trade partner

Q – Why not Indian Govt ban it?
Ans – Because we the people want cheap, so purchase it

*True Fact*
90 billion dollars is trade surplus of China with India. Stop Chinese Goods."

While such campaigns continue to urge Indians to promote more localised products, you can let us know your stand on the issue. Is it practical for people in India to completely ban Chinese products? Do let us know in the comment section.