Dwayne Johnson-starrer 'Ballers' is already getting Entourage-eqsue popularity, although the HBO series is barely a season old. In Season 1 Episode 7 of 'Ballers' titled 'Machete Charge', Vernon (Donovan W Carter) will be seen facing something sort of a life crisis, and turns to Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) and Joe (Rob Corddry) for their help.

In the previous episode we left Spencer furious at Vernon's rejection of a $71 million five-year- contract that Jason (Troy Garity) had negotiated for him, after Reggie (London Brown) convinced him to aim for a $101 million contract. Spencer is furious with the duo and asks Vernon to pay back the money he owed him and get lost.

In the promo for 'Machete Charge', Vernon is seen calling Spencer persistently, although the financial manager refuses to take his calls unless his money is returned. However, when he does get a call from a rival player's attorney, Spencer realises that Vernon may be in more trouble than he anticipated.

Ricky (John David Washington) and Alonzo (Antoine Harris) are also going through a rough patch after the former fooled around with his friend's mother. Although Ricky apologised to Alonzo, it was clear that he is not completely over it when Ricky found his Ferrari ruined.

Charlie (Omar Miller), on the other hand, has found an arm-candy, who is tempting him to cheat on his loving and dutiful wife Julie (Jazmyn Simon). Will he give in to the temptation and destroy his marriage? Find out on 19 July at 10 PM (EST), when HBO will air the season 1 episode 5 of 'Ballers'. You can also live stream 'Machete Charge' via HBO GO.


Machete Charge [Episode #5 Preview]Everyone gets caught with their pants down this Sunday night on #Ballers.

Posted by Ballers on Tuesday, 14 July 2015