After eight years of run "Balika Vadhu," the longest running Hindi fiction show, came to an end on July 31. While the show gained immense popularity with its unique concept of child marriage, the post-leap drama of the daily soap that introduced several new faces failed to connect with the audience.

Ruslaan Mumtaz, who played the male lead Krish on the show after the time jump, is disappointed with the fate of the show. Ruslaan, who expected the show to run for another year or two, pointed out that there were several factors, which affected the show's ratings.

"See, there are many reasons behind the failure of the second season of Balika Vadhu. First of all, post leap, the series shifted its focus from the issue of the evil social custom, child marriage. Naturally, the audience didn't connect with the new theme of the show, which was more like a love story. Moreover, none of the actors from season one was there in our show, automatically for our viewers it became an entirely new show," he told

It is believed that the show timing, which was shifted from 8 p.m. (prime time slot) to 6:30 p.m, was also another reason for the dropping Television Rating Points (TRPs).

Talking about whether he had any insecurity while shooting for the show since the post-leap drama of "Balika Vadhu" had two male protagonists, Ruslaan said: "On the contrary, I was very happy as I thought that the work load would be a little less but his track also changed. I only wish it would have worked out well." The actor, however, is happy that he made two good friends on the sets, Mahhi Vij (Nandini) and Avinash Sachdev (Dr. Amit).

In other news, the former cast of "Balika Vadhu" including Avika Gor, Shashank Vyas, Toral Rasputra, Surekha Sikri and others, who gained recognition in the industry with their excellent performances on the show, recently had a small reunion to mark eight years of the show.