Badaun Gang-rape
The two cousin sisters who were allegedly gang-raped and murdered in Badaun, UP, were alive when hanged from tree last week.Reuters

The autopsy of the two girls from Katra Sadatganj village in Badaun district, who were raped and murdered last week, has revealed that the cousins were still alive when they were hanged from a mango tree in the village orchard. Until now, the post-mortem reports had confirmed that the two minors had been raped before being hanged.

The reports reveal that the cause of death was asphyxia "due to ante mortem hanging", according to The Indian Express. This means the duo were hanged when they were still alive.

The newspaper reported citing sources that the findings indicated bluish discoloration due to distention of blood vessels (Post-mortem staining) only in the lower part of the body – further indicating the position of the body at the time of death.

The report also said that the tongue was found protruding out, indicating that the death was due to asphyxia, officials said. The post-mortem examination said that the "perineal findings are suggestive of rape." Various indications, suggestive of a rape, were found such as multiple vaginal tears, discharge and bluish colouring in the elder cousin and blood clot and abrasions around the hymen in the younger one.

Pappu, 22, one of the three accused brothers in this case told the police that he had only met the elder cousin, since she was a friend but has denied raping anyone, the newspaper reported citing sources. Five people have been arrested so far in the case.

The horrific crime, that has made international headlines over the week, has prompted strong reactions within the state as well as across the nation.

On Monday, BJP workers assembled in numbers outside Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav's office, shouting slogans against his alleged inaction in the case, while a few women were also seen showing chudia (bangles) towards the news channels' cameras - in a gibe directed towards Yadav - a cliched expression in India to state that one is not a "man".

Police were seen trying to disperse the massive crowd using water cannon, while the group forced themselves towards the CM's office.

Under intense criticism over the incident, Yadav on Tuesday said that a Google search would show such crimes occurring across the coutry, further aggravating the public sentiments.

"When such incidents occur it is publicised a lot... such incidents don't occur only in UP and if I give you statistics across the country you will again ask me questions. It's Google era. If you go online and check you will see where else such incidents occur," Yadav told reporters.

Chief Minister Yadav - despite the intensity and seriousness of the issue - has not had the time to visit Baduan, much to the dismay of the people.

Last week, two policemen were also arrested and booked for negligence of duty; they are also being probed for their alleged role in the horrific act.