Cast of Bad Girls Clube Season 16
Cast of Bad Girls Clube Season 16Facebook/Bad Girls Club

Oxygen's controversial reality show "Bad Girls Club" will return with Season 16 on Tuesday, Sept. 20. The upcoming season will feature social media queens who will do anything to impress millions of their followers.

The show is famous for crazy fights, which lead up to weave pulling and glass smashing, but the creators are promising a season which is savage and more entertaining that anything we have ever seen before. The promo for the season shows young girls, who all seem to be obsessed with taking selfies and twerking, taking turns to get intimate with each other and beat each other up.

We hear the girls stating things like "My pictures are super popular" and "Everything in my life has to go on Instagram." From the promo it is clear that Season 16 is going to be very wild and is going to feature male strippers, body shots and possibly even a romantic connection between two contestants.

The seven girls featured in "Bad Girls Club: Social Disruption" are: Elliadria, Adryan, Brynesha, Kaila, Kailie, Tabatha and Zee. Check out their instagram profiles below.

The promo for Season 16 has inspired quite a few sarcastic comments from viewers, most of whom point out that "Bad Girls Club" is all about finding random girls who are way too much into fighting:

Angela Smith: "I used to love watching (ok I still do) but it is really getting too crazy. Bad girls club has turned into ghetto trailer park trash club"

Giovanna Rangel: "This season is supposed to be social media stars? Never seen 1 of them in my life lol Shoulda got nini smalls"

Kristen Henriques Wager: "I watched this show for 14 seasons gave it up finally because it just got to GHETTO!!"

Ghetto or not, "Bad Girls Club" Season 16 is going to be entertaining, so don't forget to check it out on Tuesday, Sept. 20. Meanwhile, you can watch the promo here: