Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be returning for the third instalment
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will be returning for the third instalmentFacebook / Bad Boys

The third instalment in Will Smith-Martin Lawrence-starrer action-adventure franchise "Bad Boys" has been confirmed and fans are eagerly looking forward to watch their favourite cops returning on the big screen with all the action-loaded adventures.

However, it seems that fans might have to wait for a while when the movie hit the big screens across the world as the movie, which has been officially titled as "Bad Boys as Life," has been delayed and instead on releasing in June 2017 will now be released on Jan. 12, 2018.

In an interview with Gizmodo, explaining the delay, director and writer Joe Carnahan has said that the movie really needed the extra time as, according to him, it will be strongest of the all three.

"Unless you're 'Toy Story3,' usually third ones aren't the strongest, and I think this one will be the strongest of the trilogy thus far. There's a lot of funny shit in this movie. And there's also a very mysterious, but tonally spot-on story that I think is kind of perfect for where we are in this day and age, where the guys are and reflectively, a very modern take on these guys. It's kind of what becomes of 'Bad Boys' when they're not boys anymore," Carnahan said.

Carnahan also said that just like first two movies, there will be inside jokes and references to old pop culture in the movie, though that won't necessarily be a priority.

"There are obviously little things you want to tip your hat too but I think the danger is becoming this slavish 'We have to check all these boxes.' There aren't these legions of people demanding your head because you didn't bring back John Salley or you didn't bring back Joe Pantoliano. I think you have to be careful with that. I'm always interested in 'I know what has been done. What hasn't been done?' If not it's just regurgitating old tropes and ideas and that's not fun for anybody."