Next on The Bachelorette is the overnight dates or the fantasy suite dates and there's a lot of interest among fans to find out who will go home at the end of the hour.

Fantasy suite dates are one of the highly anticipated segments of the dating reality show, as it allows the Bachelorette or the Bachelor to sleep with the final three. The cameras that have been following them since the start of the show will not be around to disturb them, and it gives the contestants an opportunity to open up and talk about their fears and apprehensions.

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But before Rachel Lindsay gets into the fantasy suite dates, she'll take her final thee – Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo and Eric Bigger – to meet her family. And based on the synopsis for Season 13 episode 9, it won't be a pleasant experience for one contestant, as he gets "grilled about his sincerity."

So who is this unlucky contestant? According to ABC's synopsis, Bryan's overconfident manner has her family wondering if he's too good to be true. But it seems like he'll put their worries to rest, as spoilers indicate Rachel and Bryan get engaged at the end of Season 13.

The Bachelorette
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo.Instagram/The Bachelorette

Are they still together? "My sources... are sure she's with Bryan. And so am I," Steve wrote in a blog post.

The synopsis for Season 13 episode 9 reads: "Rachel heads home to Dallas with the final three men so they can meet her family. While there, one man shares his reservations with Rachel's mom, and another is grilled about his sincerity. Later, Rachel takes the guys to Spain for romantic overnight dates."

The Bachelorette Season 13 episode 9 airs this Monday on ABC.