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"Bachelorette" couple Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray went their separate ways early this year after a whirlwind romance and engagement on ABC's dating reality show.

Both Dorfman and Murray have refrained from elaborating on the issues they faced as a couple, but rumours have been pointing at everything from jealousy to Dorfman not getting along with Murray's family.

Although both Dorfman and Murray sent out a statement at the time of their split stating that they remained friends, the two haven't had any contacts in these three months. And according to Murray, it is because they have been busy with their respective lives and not because of any animosity.

"She lives in New York and I'm in Atlanta and I've been very, very busy, as I'm sure she has a hectic schedule," Murray explained to OK! Magazine. "We really don't have much time to really speak much."

Commenting on what really caused the break up, Murray said: "We're very different people in a lot of very important ways. It just unfortunately didn't work out in the end."

In the past, he has also gone on record saying he doesn't miss Dorfman. "We're friends and everything like that. But at the end of the day, when you're very different form somebody else it just doesn't work out," Murray told E! News.

At the time he said he was still open to finding true love, and would love to settle down when the right woman comes along. "I do want to settle down and have kids, but the right woman has to come along," said Murray. "I haven't even thought about that yet. If something happens something happens. But I haven't been looking."

All throughout their engagement, the media was abuzz with speculation that Murray and Dorfman weren't serious about each other, and the two were together only for publicity sake. Since the split, Dorfman has moved to New York City to try her luck as a fashion designer, and based on her social networking activities, she appears to have moved on in life.