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After all those drama and showdown in Las Vegas and Virginia, it looks like confession time in 'The Bachelorette.' In a sneak peek at Monday's, we get a glimpse of the men professing their love for Becca Kurfin.

When host Chris asks Becca whether she in love, the lady excitedly replies, "YES." Beccan and her men will be travelling to the Bahamas this week. However, it looks like the show will be taking few intensive turns at the Island. At a particular scene, Blake struggles to accept the idea of Becca falling in love with more than one guy at the show.

"She clearly cares about more guys than just me. It's enough to drive a man nuts," Blake says. But the biggest shocker came when Becca walks off from the dinner with Colton. "I don't know what she's thinking right now. That's the frightening part of all of this."

The promo concludes with a confused Becca saying, "Honestly at this point, I don't know how tonight is going to end." On Monday, Garret would get his second one-on-one date with the lady. The couple will take a seaplane ride to visit a private island. The official synopsis states, "Becca Kufrin takes Garrett on his second one-on-one date. There is no shortage of chemistry and kissing on their sexy date in the Bahamas."

Colton and Blake too will get their lone time with the lady. An ABC synopsis teases, "Colton finally feels comfortable enough to share a secret that he has been worried will scare her off. Will this revelation derail their relationship or bring them closer?" Blake and Becca will ride horses on the beach followed by a concert and dinner. The former is likely to express his true feelings for the lady this time. According to Reality Steve, Jason is likely to get the group date rose.

Watch out this space for the all the exciting twists and turns on the show. "The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.