JoJo Fletcher
Pictured: JoJo FletcherFacebook/The Bachelorette

Chad has successfully cemented his position as the most hated person on "The Bachelorette" with Monday's episode of the show. When his threats against other contestants escalated, host Chris Harrison was forced to intervene and viewers also saw a security guard being brought in to protect the rest of the guys from Chad.

Reviewing the episode on his Yahoo TV blog, host Chris Harrison revealed that there's more drama involving Chad in Tuesday's episode of "The Bachelorette."

"Of course there is going to be drama between 26 guys trying to compete for one woman, especially a woman as wonderful as JoJo [Fletcher], but if there is actually fear of violence, we have to step in and make sure everyone feels comfortable," Harrison wrote. "Chad has a lot of anger, but he's not totally out of control. He does seem to know exactly what he's doing. Whether you like him or not, you kind of have to respect that he is sticking to it. The Chad is The Chad, and at least for now it's very fun to follow along."

According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Tuesday's episode will see JoJo Fletcher going on a two-on-one date with both Alex and Chad, and it looks like JoJo has finally had enough of the luxury real-estate agent. Alex will get the rose, meaning Chad will be sent home in the next episode. But things don't end there. Chad apparently comes back to the mansion and gets pissed at seeing the other guys celebrating. "Chad come back to the resort and sees this, and apparently gets in Jordan's face and all hell breaks loose. He started poking Jordan in the face and it got physical," Steve wrote.

"The Bachelorette" Season 12 episode 4 airs Tuesday on ABC. Besides Chad, Vinny Venteria, James Fuertas, and Daniel Maguire will also be sent home at the end of the hour, reported Reality Steve.