JoJo Fletcher
Pictured: JoJo FletcherFacebook/The Bachelorette

"The Bachelorette" will be airing its Men Tell All special on Tuesday and it will see the return of some of the most interesting characters to come out of Season 12 of the ABC dating reality show.
Chad Johnson, who was the villain of Season 12, will be back and he is going to stir up more trouble, if the promo is any indication. Also on the hot seat will be Wells Adams, Luke Pell and Chase McNary.

It will be interesting to see Chase coming face-to-face with Fletcher for the first time since his disappointing elimination following the Fantasy Suite dates. Monday's episode showcased the overnight dates and it featured an awkward moment between Chase, who had declared his love, and Fletcher, who suddenly realised that she wasn't into him.

"So now love equals 'Get the f--- out?' " a pissed off Chase said. Although she did try to explain that spending the night together wasn't going to benefit either of them, Chase's mood did not improve.
"It's like I pulled my pants down and you kick me in the n--s," he said about being eliminated. But drama surrounding Chase is far from over. Reportedly, he will once again bring up his cringe-worthy elimination during the Men Tell All special.

Chase's elimination has narrowed down Fletcher's quest for true love to two contestants – Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes. Fletcher has amazing chemistry with both these contestants. According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Rodgers will end up winning the season and he will even pop the question to Fletcher. But a wedding might not be in their future.

I hate guessing on stuff like this because if I say 3 months, and they last 6 months, some moron will inevitably say, 'You were wrong on how long you thought they'd last,'" Steve stated in his weekly 'Reader Emails' column. "All I know is they aren't getting married."