JoJo Fletcher
Pictured: JoJo FletcherFacebook/The Bachelorette

ABC will not be airing a new episode of its dating reality show "The Bachelorette" this Monday as it clashes with the Fourth of July festivities. JoJo Fletcher and her suitors will return to television on July 11 with a new episode that will see her continuing her journey to find a life partner.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the upcoming episodes of "The Bachelorette."

Season 12 episode 7 will see Fletcher spending more time with James Taylor and Alex Woytkiw, as she remained unsure of the two in the previous episode. The previous rose ceremony saw Fletcher having an emotional meltdown and she decided to keep both Taylor and Woytkiw. Sadly, the two won't last long in the season, as Reality Steve believes that the duo will be eliminated in the seventh episode.

The eighth episode is the hometown dates and according to the spoiler guru Fletcher will be meeting the families of Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, Luke Pell and Jordan Rodgers. If reports are to be believed then Rodgers is the winner of this season of "The Bachelorette" and he and Fletcher get engaged at the end of the season.

But it looks like they have a bumpy road ahead of them, as a number of girls have apparently come forward claiming Rodgers was a cheater and a lousy boyfriend. Although Fletcher has already confronted Rodgers about this, it remains to be seen if he will be able to keep his past from haunting his present relationship.

"The Bachelorette" airs Mondays on ABC. The synopsis for the next episode, according to TVGuide, reads: "JoJo and the men visit the Argentinian countryside, where the first date gets off to a rocky start. Later, a private jet whisks JoJo and one lucky guy away to a vineyard. During dinner, the bachelor makes a shocking admission. A date with three suitors gets rained out, so JoJo spends the day with them ordering room service, pillow fighting and watching the Brazilian version of "The Bachelor." A one-on-one date allows one man to show off his horse-riding skills."