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As predicted from the promos and recaps, Becca and her boys were flown to Las Vegas for another round of group dates this week. The episode began with Colton getting some lone time with the lady. The couple enjoyed an adventurous day in the deserts of Nevada—including a camel ride, open airbus ride, and hot steamy bathtub session.

Later, Colton starts opening up about his past relationships, and as it progresses, Becca develops a positive image on Colton. She even accepted onscreen that she shares a great chemistry with the towel man.

This was followed by a group date and the much-hyped two-one-one between Jordan and David. During the group date, the guys were asked to rewrites Wayne's song "Danke Schoen", however, none of them succeeded and it turned out to be a true yell-singing.

Towards the evening, the team moved to T-Mobile Arena, home of the 2018 Stanley Cup runner-up Las Vegas Knights, where Garret gets his lone time with Becca. Eventually, he ends up winning a rose that also leaves Chris fuming.

The two-on-one between David and Jordan begins at the Valley of Fire. Both men get their date time with the lead lady but David ends up trashing Jordan which leaves Becca in fury. On the other hand, Jordan clarifies that he never told David about 'settling in life after getting along with her.' He also opens up about his mother who suffers from mental illness. Though both seem to have reacted in a hurry, Jordan sure gets the upper hand. Becca then dumps David at the desert—leaving for a one-on-one date with Jordan but gets eliminated at the end.

During the rose ceremony, Becca and Chris end up in small tug-of-war but immediately things get sorted out. Garrett, Jason, Wills, Lincoln, Leo, Connor, and Chris get roses with John leaving the exit door. For the next episode, the team will be heading to Virginia for next round of dates.

Watch out this space for the all the exciting twists and turns on the show. "The Bachelorette" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.