JoJo Fletcher
Someone from JoJo Fletcher’s past will make an appearance in episode 1. Pictured: JoJo Fletcher as Facebook/ The Bachelorette

Interest in JoJo Fletcher's season of "The Bachelorette" has gained momentum, thanks to the new promo for the dating reality show that was aired during "Dancing with the Stars."

The promo revealed a few of Fletcher's suitors, and one of them was NFL player Aaron Rodgers' brother Jordan, who will make it to the final four. Fans following Reality Steve's blog already know that Fletcher is currently filming her hometown dates, and the latest one was with Jordan. Jordan's hometown date was filmed on Monday and according to the spoiler guru Jordan took Fletcher to Pleasant Valley High School in Chico, CA.

At present not much is known about her interactions with his family, but Steve noted that there were rumours of Aaron being spotted in Chico. Will the NFL player be featured in the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette?" Only time will tell, but viewers shouldn't expect to see the brothers acting all close, cautioned Steve.

"Even if he was [spotted in Chico], it certainly doesn't change what I had told you a couple weeks ago – Jordan and Aaron don't have much of a relationship, so that'd be nothing other than ABC trying to get a cameo from arguably the best QB in the NFL on their show," Steve noted on his blog. "If he did show up at the hometown, it's basically all an act. Sure, it's his brother and I'm sure he cares about him, but any sort of footage of them acting all buddy buddy just wouldn't be realistic to their actual current relationship."

In one of his previous posts, Reality Steve has also revealed who is going to be the villain of Season 12 of "The Bachelorette." Reportedly, Chad Johnson, a native of Tulsa who is a former marine, is going to rub a lot of guys the wrong way. Johnson is now a real estate agent and "he's quite the gem this season I tell ya'," Steve noted, adding, "I think he pretty much wanted to fight every guy from what I heard."

Season 12 of "The Bachelorette" airs May 23.