JoJo Fletcher
Someone from JoJo Fletcher’s past will make an appearance in episode 1. Pictured: JoJo Fletcher as Facebook/ The Bachelorette

This week ABC released yet another promo for the upcoming season of "The Bachelorette" and it looks like viewers are in for a number of surprises when Season 12 of the dating reality show premieres on May 23.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Season 12 of "The Bachelorette."

The promo shows someone getting out of a car and when someone asks who it is, a contestant replies that it is a former "The Bachelor" star. Could it be Juan Pablo Galavis? As reported earlier, he had expressed an interest to get to know JoJo Fletcher better.

"I have READ so MANY good things about JoJo in the past WEEKS that if she is the NEXT bachelorette, I MIGHT have to sign up AGAIN..." the 34-year-old tweeted in March. "I am #TeamJoJo and I have only SEEN her in like 20 pictures on my TWITTER... #SheCute," he added.

Fans of the Bachelor Nation weren't thrilled, as Galavis is considered one of the worst contestants to take part in the dating reality show. He was considered insensitive and often rude by those who appeared on his season of "The Bachelor." Galavis also received a lot of backlash for refusing to profess his love for Nikki Ferrell, the winner of his season of "The Bachelor."

Thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve, we now know that the face from the past is none other than Jake Pavelka, who starred in Season 14 of "The Bachelor."

"I'm sure they want you to believe that it was her ex-Chad, or maybe even Nick Viall for a third season in a row. It wasn't. It was none other than…Jake Pavelka," Steve wrote in his blog. "And no, he wasn't on the show competing for JoJo, although I'm sure they'll make it seem like the guys thought he was. Jake has known JoJo and her family for years, so basically it was just a stunt to pull off to freak out the guys, but Jake does not compete for JoJo. He's just there to lend advice."

"The Bachelorette" is set to air Mondays on ABC.