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"Bachelorette" 2015 will kick off on Monday with a two-night special that will see Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson trying to win the affection of 25 contestants.

The premiere special will give fans a brief glimpse into who the contestants are, and it will also see them casting their votes to decide who the next Bachelorette should be. Spoilers indicate Bristowe to be a hot favourite, but Nilsson will also reportedly find love on the upcoming season of the dating reality show.

Although both Nilsson and Bristowe weren't exactly happy to compete with each other on the show, their time together has brought them closer. During a recent conference call with reporters, Nilsson said she was happy to share the experience with Bristowe.

"You know what? It actually ended up being pretty cool that we were there," she said, according to Reality TV World. "We were pretty good before, like, we were sort of hanging out towards the end of Chris' season. And Kaitlyn's amazing. So, there was a lot of moments where we would just kind of look at each other like, 'Oh, my God.' It was actually a little bit nice to have someone's support. And I'm glad it was Kaitlyn on the other side. We just kind of laughed a lot."

The 27-year-old waitress also spoke about what she looks for in a man, and said compassion and kindness were high on her priority list.

"I would say if somebody -- No. 1, doesn't have like a compassionate heart to the people around them. You know, I kind of watch how people treat the people in their space. Like, how do they act with their moms... That's huge -- or if they've never like read a book," Nilsson said.

"Bachelorette" will air on 18 May, and viewers can live stream every episode of the show on their computer or tablet. The two-night season premiere kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on ABC and the episode can also be watched through the Watch ABC app.