Monday's episode of "The Bachelorette" will feature the "Men Tell All" special, in which Kaitlyn Bristowe will finally get to meet all her eliminated contestants.

The finalists – Shawn Booth and Nick Viall – will not be a part of the "Men Tell All" special.

According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, the four guys who will be called on the hot seat are JJ, Ben Z, Jared, and Ben H. Nothing major is expected to go down in the episode other than Ben Higgins addressing the special treatment given to Shawn Booth by the producers of the show.

Steve revealed that during the night Bristowe went over to their place in San Antonio, Ben H was given a cot to sleep on while Booth got the king-size bed.

"And then he repeated what he said on the show, which was once he left to go take a shower, when he came back, the whole dynamic with Shawn had changed and he was a different person," Steve noted.

The spoiler guru pointed out that this was similar to the treatment meted out to Nikki Ferrell during Juan Pablo Galavis' season of "The Bachelor" where season winner Ferrell was given the penthouse, while all the other girls got regular rooms.

"So for those asking, yes, they will absolutely play favorites on this show and certain people will get special treatment," Steve wrote.

Reportedly, the episode will also see Ben H questioning Bristowe on why she confessed only to Booth about her wild night with Viall, when there were other people still in the running to win her affection.

As fans of the dating reality show already know, Bristowe let Viall participate on the show in the fourth week, and it did not take the duo too long to get intimate. She confessed to Booth about her wild night with Viall before they went on their Fantasy Suite dates.

"Kaitlyn gave the BS answer about how relationships move in different speeds, have different momentum, and everything was always so intense with Shawn and he always needed reassurance, and she felt that other people didn't need reassurance," Steve said.

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