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"Bachelorette" 2015 with Kaitlyn Bristowe is already in news, thanks to her controversial decision to sleep with a contestant before the Fantasy Suite dates.

And now, Britt Nilsson, who seemingly had a fairytale moment when one of the contestants decided to leave the show when she was voted out, has also grabbed headlines after an insider dished that she was faking her relationship with musician Brady Toops.

Nilsson's stint on the current season of "The Bachelorette" was short-lived. But she walked away with a man in her life after Toops decided to eliminate himself when Nilsson was voted out. Although the two were said to be getting serious, an In Touch source recently revealed that the couple was in it for fame.

"Their relationship is not serious at all," the source told In Touch. "They're keeping it going for the fame."

The "fake" relationship is expected to be beneficial to both of them, as Nilsson will get her more than just 15 minutes of fame, and Toops will get the exposure required to make his music career a success, claims the report.

 "She comes off looking like the real success of the show because she gets a man," the insider dished. "He knows people will really only care about him if he's with Britt. But it's never going to last."

Brady and Nilsson gave "Bachelorette" viewers an update on their relationship during the first few episodes, and she seemed ecstatic to have found true love on the show.

 "It's been a little bit over a week and Brady and I have hung out every single day," Nilsson said in one of the episodes. "Brady is my boyfriend," she said in another episode. "The reason I wanted to do The Bachelorette was to meet someone. I think we are beginning a really beautiful relationship."

The couple has been active on social media, often posting adorable snaps of each other, and on a number of occasions the two have been spotted out and about town.

"This past Saturday, Britt and Brady were in Cardiff by the Sea, CA (small town north of San Diego) hanging out with I believe her sister, her brother in law, and her two nephews. So those asking if Britt and Brady are still together, here's plenty of exclusive pictures and a video to confirm they are," spoiler guru Reality Steve wrote in one of his blog posts, along with pictures of the duo hanging out together.