Courtney Robertson
Courtney RobertsonTwitter/ screen grab

Not many contestants on either "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" have opened up about what really happened during their time in the Fantasy Suite. But Courtney Robertson, a contestant on Ben Flajnik's season 16,  isn't shy about dishing out the details.

In a new book titled "I Didn't Come Here to Make Friends -- Confessions of a Reality Show Villain," she wrote about having sex with Flajnik during their overnight Fantasy Suite date, and said she was unconcerned about him spending the night with the other two contestants -- Lindzi Cox and Nicki Sterling.

However, she made a pact with Flajnik never to talk about his overnight dates with Cox and Sterling.

"I honestly wasn't worried about him hooking up with the other girls. In fact, I had encouraged it," she wrote, according to Reality TV World.

The Fantasy Suite date is when the contestants on the dating reality show get an opportunity to spend time alone with the "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette", away from the constant glare of the cameras.

"Ten minutes after we were in the cottage, the camera crews, handlers, and producers scrammed, and we were completely alone for the first time ever. We immediately ripped each other's clothes off and had intense, passionate sex on the couch in front of the fire," she wrote.

"When we weren't doin' it, we drank wine, did some naked hot tubbing, and listened to Bon Iver on his iPod. We talked about everything," she said, adding that the sex was "pretty textbook" and there was "room for improvement."

Although Flajnik and Robertson got engaged at the end of the season, their relationship, which was marred by estrangement and cheating rumors, did not last for more than 10 months.

Following their break up, Robertson even returned the engagement ring that Flajnik gave her. But there has been a lot of mud-slinging post their split with Flajnik even calling Robertson a liar and apologized to the other contestants on season 16 of "The Bachelor" for not believing them when they called her "evil" and "conniving."

"I should apologize to all those women and say, 'Sorry I didn't see it,'" Flajnik told Life & Style in 2012. "I really have lost all respect for this person that I thought I knew and that I was in love with at one point."

"She just had me fooled," he said, adding, "I talk to my friends all the time and they're like, 'Maybe she was just really good at it. She got all of us fooled, too, Ben. You weren't the only one.'"

Post the show, both Flajnik and Robertson were reported to have found new love. While Flajnik is said to be dating Stephanie Winn, Robertson was last reported to be with Cavan Clark.