The Bachelor, Nick Viall
Facebook/The Bachelor

The promo for Season 21 episode 2 of The Bachelor promises a lot of drama, as one scene shows Josephine slapping Nick Viall hard on the face. The slap looks real enough, and Viall told a media outlet that it was painful as well.

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"You'll have to watch next week actually," Viall told E! News. "It hurt. It was unexpected and painful. And you should watch next week to see why."

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Season 21 episode 2 of The Bachelor.

However, according to the Bachelor spoiler guru Reality Steve, the slap is part of the task the women undertake during a group date. Viall and six of his suitors will go to the Museum of Broken Relationships in the second episode and they will have to break up with Viall in front of an audience.

"This was the date where you see Josephine in the previews slapping Nick across the face. That wasn't real or wasn't because Josephine was angry with him. Please. That'd be assault, people. Again, don't let the trailers and promos fool you. It was Josephine just acting out her 'break up'." Steve noted.

Liz is one of the suitors who will end up going on the group date, and unfortunately for her, she will be sent home before the end of the day.

As revealed in the Season 21 premiere, Viall and Liz met at Jade and Tanner's wedding and they even hooked up. But Liz refused to call him later on, as she wasn't too pleased with his bad-boy image. Liz apparently decided to give Viall a shot after she saw him in Bachelor in Paradise Season 3.

The Bachelor Season 21 episode 2 will go on air this Monday, January 9, on ABC.