The Bachelor
ABC will air finale of 'The Bachelor' season 19 on Monday, 16 March.Facebook/The Bachelor

The countdown begins for the final two contestants – Becca Tilley and Whitney Bischoff – of ABC's reality series "The Bachelor" Season 19, and viewers are eagerly waiting to see who manages to impress Chris Soules.

Though the name of the winner will not be revealed before the finale, which is scheduled for telecast on Monday, 16 March, there is a buzz that Tilley will begin a new life with Soules.

In the initial stages of the series, several spoilers indicated that Bischoff received the final rose and the two will be sharing wedding vows soon.

But a recent report by stated that after the filming of the show, Soules moved to California, the place where Tilley lives, and the news has triggered several speculations.

While some "The Bachelor" fans believe that Tilley is the real winner of Season 19, others are of the opinion that Soules is cheating on Bischoff. 

However, as per the series' official Facebook page, most of the viewers are expecting Tilley to be the winner and they have cited several reasons for it.

Here are some of the posts by "The Bachelor" fans:

Christie Pfeifer Miller

Becca!!! She is honest, genuine & morally sound. Whitneys nasal voice is hard to listen to.

April Barrett-Sparks

Becca for sure. Seems to be the most honest

Bernadette Cooper

BECCA!!!!! She is honest, not catty and simple. Also drama-free. Perfect wife for Mr. Farmer.

Donna Kennard Simms

I really think Becca is a better match for him, and I think he really has some feelings for her.

Naomi Lynn Hill

I'm rooting for Becca! She's beautiful, genuine, and has GREAT morals... It's not very often that you can find a woman like that now a days.

Kat Becker

Here is why he will choose Becca. First and foremost bc she fit so well in his world. Second, just bc she is cautious, doesn't make her wrong for him. Third, she is untouched. 

Sandie Angel

Becca is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! She looks like one of those Bogart's beauties in those Humphrey Bogart's movies. She has that classic look in her. Also, she is very sweet.

Maryann Ernst

I think he likes the idea of a life with becca--she can love him, and adjust to his life easier than Whitney can.

Kimberly Starnes Smith

I think Becca would be great! Seems like Becca is very mature and has made a strong decision to hold off til marriage. That is a treasure and a gift to her future husband whoever he is!