Bachelor in Paradise
"Bachelor in Paradise"Facebook/Screenshot

The upcoming episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" is going to be an explosive one, as the synopsis teases the exposure of a bizarre scandal, which will be the first of its kind in the dating reality show franchise.

Last week saw the exit of Daniella and Michelle K, but that doesn't mean that the show is done with them. Synopsis of episode two, which will air on Monday, teases that host Chris Harrison will reveal that Michelle decided to leave the show after she had an "illicit hookup" with a crewmember.

Chris Harrison, host of the show, blogged that right from the beginning Michelle's struck him as odd.

"The day I welcomed the cast and explained the rules I started off with a rather flippant question about everybody being single," he wrote, according to Entertainment Weekly. "I really wasn't being that serious as I assumed everybody was, I mean, Why the hell else would you be here? Everybody kind of chuckled, except Michelle K., who said "maybe." When I heard that, I figured she was joking, so I gave her the chance to make her little joke and move on, but it only got worse when she made it very clear she may not be single."

This is being described as "the most bizarre scandal in 'Bachelor' history." But the scandal does not stop there.

Reality Steve, in his blog post, revealed that the truth behind one bachelor's real life will be revealed in the upcoming episode. Supposedly, Marcus will find a note in Ben's suitcase, believed to have been sent by his girlfriend back home.

Marcus confronts Ben and the latter decides to leave the show.

Further in the episode, fans will see the arrival of two more bachelors – Chris Bukowski and Zack Kalter.

The rose ceremony will be equally dramatic, as spoilers indicate that a bachelor will reject the rose given to him, believed to be yet another first on the show.

Dylan will be the one to reject the rose presented by Elise. Spoilers indicate that once Chris Bukowski arrives on the island, Elise starts hooking up with him, which does not go well with Dylan.

Although Dylan admits that he is done with Elise, she tries to make things work with him, but he does not want to be a part of it. He tells her during the episode that if she gives him a rose at the rose ceremony, he would turn it down.

On what to expect in the episode, Reality Steve wrote: "Elise gives her rose to Dylan, but he rejects it like he told her he would, so she gives it to Chris. She apparently gives some speech after this about wanting guys to fight for them 'til death do us part.'"