Bachelor in Paradise
Pictured: Facebook/Bachelor in Paradise

Besides focusing on the drama surrounding Ashley, Jared and Caila, Monday's episode of ABC's dating reality show "Bachelor in Paradise" saw Vinny and Izzy going their separate ways.

Vinny and Izzy have been a couple since day one of this season of "Bachelor in Paradise," but their chemistry wasn't as strong as viewers thought. The episode saw Brett from Andi Dorfman's season coming on to the island to find love, and like Jared, Brett too had eyes only for Caila. But it looks like Izzy took one look at him and fell in love.

"I wasn't expecting it at all," Vinny said after Izzy announced that Brett was her perfect man and that he made her stomach flip. "You're gonna talk to some dude for 10 minutes, and you're gonna throw everything we have out the window? Because he looks good? With jeans and f--king sandals, rolled up? F--k outta here."

The episode ended with Vinny deciding to go and find Izzy to talk to her and get some closure. The drama will continue on Tuesday.

The synopsis for the episode reads: "A bachelor ends his relationship with a fickle bachelorette and leaves Paradise; a popular couple return to Paradise and deliver a date card that stirs up drama for two couples."

Now that Izzy has split up with Vinny, will she make a move on Brett and succeed in making him fall for her? According to "Bachelor in Paradise" spoiler guru Reality Steve, things don't look good for Brett and Izzy. Tuesday's episode might see Vinny eliminating himself after he realizes that Izzy is interested in Brett, and Izzy will follow suit in the episode after that. Brett, too, leaves before the finale and the last episode of the season will see Josh and Amanda, Grant and Lace, and Evan and Carly getting engaged.

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