Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul were the only "Bachelor in Paradise" couple whose relationship survived after season 1 concluded, and their wedding was featured in the current season of the dating reality show.

Likewise, season 2 will also see one couple promising each other a lifetime of happiness. According to Reality Steve's spoiler blog, Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper will be engaged in the finale.

Till now the duo has stayed away from all the drama and tears, choosing to spend time together instead of getting involved in other people's affairs. Although this seems to have worked wonders for their romance, less drama meant less screen time. Roper and Tolbert even joked about this via Twitter, saying they needed to step up drama to get more screen time.

It remains to be seen what future has in store for Roper and Tolbert, as the two got engaged before they even had a chance to meet the other person's family or friends. But as Reality Steve pointed out, the engagement doesn't mean much as what's important is what follows the engagement.

"Just like last season, these two got engaged without either one meeting the other person's family or friends, and having only spent 20 days together. So basically I look at it as, you get engaged because that's what the show wants you to do, and then you spend the time after the show to see if you want to REMAIN engaged. That's all it really is. The engagement doesn't mean anything. It's what you do after it in the following months that matters," the spoiler guru wrote.

"Bachelor in Paradise", featuring former "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" contestants, is aired on Sundays and Mondays on ABC.