Sunday's episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" is going to be packed with drama, as spoilers indicate that Samantha Steffen will take a shocking decision regarding her relationship with Joe Bailey.

In the past few weeks, Bailey has turned himself to be one of the most hated contestants on the dating reality show, and chances are Steffen will see his true colours in the upcoming episode.

In the previous episode, Juelia Kinney attempted to tell Steffen how Bailey tricked her into giving him a rose so that he could stay on the show till Steffen arrived. At the time Steffen did not seem interested to hear anything negative about Bailey, but once the episode aired she took to Twitter to apologise to her friend.

"Sorry Juelia! I was scared & had no idea of drama going on.. deceiving some1 is never an option #undertheJoespell #BachelorInParadise #bip," the message read.

Spoilers for Sunday's episode also indicate that Steffen will break off her relationship with Bailey, and she will pair with Nick Peterson. According to spoiler guru Reality Steve, Steffen was in contact with Peterson before they came on "Bachelor in Paradise", and this will result in a Steffen-Bailey fight in the upcoming episode. Reportedly, this will result in Bailey being eliminated from the ABC dating reality show.

Interestingly, not many will be disappointed when Bailey leaves, as his treatment of Kinney has earned him a lot of haters.

Bachelor Nation host Chris Harrison spoke about Bailey's weird behaviour in his Yahoo! TV blog, saying there was something off about him from the moment he walked into "Bachelor in Paradise."

"On [Kaitlyn Bristowe]'s season, Joe was one of the most likable guys. Everyone thought he was humble, hilarious, and warm, but from the moment he walked into Paradise, something was off. None of us could figure out exactly what was going on, but we all just chalked it up to nerves. It can be pretty intimidating walking into that group of people, and acting a little weird, well, that's just not all that weird," Harrison wrote.

"Bachelor in Paradise" airs Sundays and Mondays on ABC.