After weeks of tears, drama and heated confrontation, season 2 of ABC's dating reality show "Bachelor in Paradise" finally had a happy ending for one couple.

Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper, who have been inseparable since the beginning of the season, got engaged.

Although the duo has known each other for less than a month, they spent quality time together and this helped them get to know each other better.

Roper told People that one thing that helped them grow as a couple was their decision to room together.

"That was my favourite part," said Roper. "Every morning we would wake up and before the [producers] would come mic us, we would be able to be really open with each other and talk about anything. That brought us a lot closer really quickly."

Defending their decision to get engaged so quickly, without even meeting each other's family, Tolbert and Roper said three weeks on the island was similar to nine months in the real world.

Besides having fun, the duo had serious talks that one would normally have six months into a relationship. "When you're pulled away from all the distractions of real life, you don't have excuses. Tanner and I just took it pretty seriously. And it was so natural for us. We had easy fun conversations but also the hard conversations you have six months into a relationship. It was just condensed," Roper said.

The duo is currently making plans to take the next step in their relationship – moving in together. Wedding planning is also on, revealed Roper.

Although Roper and Tolbert were the only ones to get engaged, two other couples -- Justin and Cassandra, and Samantha and Nick -- decided to test relationship in the real world.

However, Joshua and Tenley weren't too optimistic about their future as a couple, and broke up in the finale. Because the couple did not have a nasty breakup, the duo still keeps in touch via social networking sites. Both of them have posted photographs of each other saying they enjoyed their time together in "Bachelor in Paradise" season 2.