The Bachelor Australia
Pictured: Richie Strahan as Facebook/The Bachelor Australia

The Australian version of the dating reality show "The Bachelor" is returning to Network Ten this Wednesday, and the new season will have Richie Strahan going on a fun journey to find true love on television.

Strahan, who appeared on Sam Frost's season of "The Bachelorette" last year opened up to AAP about his decision to return to television once again, saying he finds it difficult to meet women in the outside world. Strahan is away most of the time working on oil rigs as a rope access technician, and this doesn't give him much time to date.

"I've certainly found it tough to meet the right woman. The kind of lifestyle I've had hasn't really led me to meet many people," Strahan told AAP. "I'm about to embark on a journey where Warner Bros has cherrypicked some of the most eligible and beautiful women in Australia," he said.

However, taking the decision to return to reality television was not an easy one. "It is different, and it does take up a huge chunk of your life, but at the same time you're doing something pretty fun. It certainly wasn't easy to make the decision to go down that path. The big carrot is meeting someone incredible that you can hopefully spend the rest of your life with."

Strahan has already finished filming for the upcoming season, and in an earlier interview, he revealed that he was happy with the outcome of the show. Calling his final pick an incredible woman, Strahan said he was happy with his decision to come on the show.

"I definitely felt something on the first night. When you're in front of the right person, you can just feel it," he told Who magazine."I've met an incredibly amazing woman," he said, adding that it's hard to hide his new relationship when all he wants to do is shout their romance from the rooftops.