Ben Higgins' season of ABC dating reality show "The Bachelor" is currently in the production stage, and thanks to spoiler guru Reality Steve fans have been able to gather a lot of spoilers about the upcoming season.

Reality Steve recently hinted on his blog that Becca Tilley, who first made her Bachelor Nation debut in Chris Soules' season of "The Bachelor", could be a frontrunner. She has apparently made it as far as the hometown dates.

"When 5 different people email me in a span of an hour to tell me they heard Becca is getting a hometown, that's pretty solid info. And also shows that someone in the family or close to them can't keep their mouth shut," Steve wrote.

Ironically, Steve was initially doubtful if Tilley would make it as far as hometown dates.

"I can tell you with about as much confidence as I can without outing any sources is the reason Ben isn't going to pick Becca is because before the season he TOLD her not to come on the show," the spoiler guru said in a blog post. "I was told Ben didn't want any of Chris' rejects and wanted his "own" season but, well, Ben doesn't get to make those decisions," Steve added.

It remains to be seen if Steve's prediction will come true, but "The Bachelor" producers are going to explore Tilley's virginity storyline as much as they can in the upcoming season as well. Tilley was a virgin when she appeared on Soules' season, and it remains to be seen if she is going to give up her virginity if she gets an overnight date with Higgins.

" We know how much The Bachelor producers love building an entire season around someone's virginity – so it will most likely be a huge deal during Season 20," Celebdirtylaundry predicts.