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"The Bachelor" is known for its drama, and the upcoming season featuring Chris Soules is not going to be disappointing on that front, as there will be lot of backstabbing, fighting, and tears as the girls try to win over the hunk from Iowa.

The upcoming season is going to be really dramatic, as towards the end of the season, Soules is going to take a virgin to the fantasy suite, according to People. "It was pretty dramatic," an insider told the magazine. "There were still other girls in the mix and it was unclear if she was going to be 'the one'."

It is not immediately known who this girl is, but according to Reality Steve, the final three include Becca Tilley, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Whitney Bischoff.

Soules is reportedly engaged to Whitney Bischoff.

Recalling the toughest part of the journey in an interview with People, Soules said that he wasn't too fond of sending women home, as it made him emotional.

"Starting to have feelings for multiple women got really, really hard to deal with," he said. "Sending them home when they weren't even ready or not knowing if I was making the right decision towards the end … I found out I'm a little bit of a crier."

Over the course of the journey to find love, Soules found out that all the women weren't genuine, and this resulted in a lot of drama in the Bachelor mansion. Show host Chris Harrison told People that hair stylist Ashley Salter is going to ruffle a few feathers.

Although viewers will love her in the first few episodes, they are expected to have a change of opinion as the show progresses. "Ashley's the girl [that] when she comes out of the limo and the first couple of episodes, you're going to feel like she has it all," Harrison explained. "She has the spirit, the good looks, the charm … but then the girls, especially, see another side."

So who exactly is Salter? According to her ABC cast biography, the 24-year-old hails from Brooklyn, New York and some of the things she can't live without are "lip gloss, coffee, my journal, people I love, sunshine."

"The Bachelor" season 19 will premiere on ABC on 5 January 2015.