Chris Soules
Chris SoulesFacebook/The Bachelor

Prince Farming Chris Soules will have a lot of answering to do on Monday's episode of "Women Tell All", when he will face previous contestants the first time after their elimination. And if the teaser video released by ABC is any indication, it is going to be high on drama.

The girls will finally get a chance to ask Soules why he rejected them and some contestants will get an opportunity to finally reveal their side of the story and explain their actions.

About 17 of the original 30 women will be featured in the "Women Tell All" special, and all of them will try to attain closure from the farmer from Iowa.

Here are five questions that might get answered on Monday:

Will Kelsey Poe address her displeasure over how she was portrayed?

Kelsey Poe apparently is still clueless why people hate her about taking how great the story of her widowhood is. She feels she has been misrepresented, but could not reveal much because of her contract.

"It's a very difficult question to answer because of ... my contract. I can say that there were some things that were said that should have had a framework around it," she told USA Today.

Will Kaitlyn Bristowe confront Chris Soules?

Kaitlyn Bristowe was speechless when she was eliminated in the previous episode of "The Bachelor" as she thought she had a good equation. But it seems like Bristowe is yet to come to terms that she has been eliminated.

"She was a little emotional, but then a little disappointed and mad," host Chris Harrison told TVGuide about how Bristowe was at the "Women Tell All" filming. "I think she felt like she gave him what he wanted, which was to open up and say I love you. She doesn't regret that, but at the same time, she got reassurance from him and he turns around and breaks up with her. It was the proverbial rug being ripped from under her."

Is Britt Nilsson really unhygienic?

Britt Nilsson will be one of the six women who will be on the hot seat, and there are chances we'll finally get answers to why she doesn't shower, and how her hair looks perfect though she doesn't wash it.

Will there be a Britt Nilsson and Carly Waddell Confrontation?

There are chances that the two will butt heads, especially after Waddell told Soules about Nilsson lying about her intention to move to Iowa.

Was Jade Roper eliminated because of her Playboy past?

Poor Roper was eliminated shortly after she confessed about her Playboy past, and chances are that Soules will be questioned about his true feelings on how he took the shocking news.