Sudeep's Kannada film "Bachchan" which was released on Ugadi across Karnataka has received positive reviews from critics. "Bachchan" directed by Shashank was one of the most-awaited films of the year, at least for Sudeep's fans.

The film took 10 months to wrap up and it features Sudeep in an action role. The film also features Bhavana, Tulip Joshi and Parul Yadav in female lead roles. It marks Sudeep's return to Kannada cinema after a gap of two-year. Earlier this year, he had a special appearance in "Varadanayaka".

Check out what critics have said about the film:

Shekar of Oneindia Entertainment said: "The trailer of the film had soared up the viewers' curiosity to sky high and the movie is much more than their expectations. The talented director and actor duo is sure to mesmerise them.

"Bachchan is high octane action entertainer with all the commercial elements to impress the mass. Sudeep's performance is the main highlight in the film. Shashank's racy and interesting narration, Harikrishna's music, Shekar Chandru's picturisation, wonderfully choreographed fights, chase and dance sequences, Bullet Prakash's comedy and funny one-liners, beautiful costumes and art direction are its other attractions. Its predictable climax can be called as its one main drawback.

"Sudeep is the showman in Bachchan and his angry young look might remind his acting in Telugu movie Eega. He is sure to rock you in action, chase and dance sequences. His dialogue delivery is also good. There are three heroines - Parul Yadav, Bhavana and Tulip Joshi. Of them, Parul has got more screen presence and all three have delivered well per.

"Overall, Bachchan is good entertainer with all masala elements and it will impress all kinds of viewers. It is a good Ugadi treat from Sudeep and Shashank. If you are a fan of this duo, it is a must watch movie."

Chitraloka in their review said: "Bachchan is a perfect Ugadi gift for Kannada film fans. As promised director Shashank has delivered an action film that is worth the lordly title. Bachchan is commonly used as a term for someone who is taller than average folks and also for high-voltage youth classified as the 'angry young man.' Sudeep embodies the name and spirit behind being Bachchan perfectly. Shashank has managed to craft an engaging story that does not allow you to blink for even a moment once the film starts.

"Though it is basically an action movie, there is enough of drama, suspense, sentiments, humour and melodies to make it one of the best packaged movies seen in Sandalwood in recent times.

"The entire film is studded with some very good action sequences. Sudeep's performance comes to the fore in scenes where he is required to portray that 'angry young man' image. He does it so convincingly that you are left in no doubt that he is already in the front of the line for a best actor award. For fans of Sudeep, it is no doubt a treat and multiple visits to the theatres is a foregone conclusion.

"This summer, Bachchan will no doubt set the trail blazing and any film that comes up to meet the challenge better be very good."

Sify in their review said: "Sudeep's most-awaited movie of the year, Bachchan, not only keeps the audience at the edge of their seats, but has redefined the movie-making style, as far as Kannada movies are concerned. Though the movie has a complex plot, Bachchan, by many leagues, is superior to any recent Kannada movie in terms of production quality, technical aspects and making.

"The movie has a multi-dimensional story, where we are exposed to Sudeep in three different timelines and plots.

"Bachchan was portrayed to be a romantic movie, but it is more of a romantic thriller. Sudeep comes out on the top with his brilliant performance, both in acting and in action sequences. When it comes to action movies, it could be one of Sudeep's best. 

"The only drawback of this entertaining movie is the music and background score. Harikrishna seems to have not attached much importance to the music. On the whole, it is a perfect launch for Ugadi."