The 2-year-old toddler wandered off the streets of Sydney but was later found by concerned neighbors. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

A two-year-old boy had his own 'baby's day out' moment when he went out of his house and wandered the streets of Sydney, Australia.

The toddler is said to have walked off for more than an hour while the babysitter who is also his uncle, fell asleep on a couch. He was, however, later found after a search party was launched to find the missing toddler.

When the uncle woke up, Xavier, the 2-year-old was nowhere to be found in the house. He had left the house and was walking down the street all by himself. However, he was found by a neighbour who saw the baby unaccompanied and alerted the police.

He had walked for almost half a kilometre all alone. The boy was later reunited with his family, safe and sound. As per reports on 9News Australia, the boy was found in Manor Street in Kellyville Ridge in North West Sydney.

However, his family was extremely nervous when they saw the house being swarmed with police cars. They had feared the worst. "I walked in the house, rushed in and I'm like "Dad, wake up" – he's [babysitter] asleep on the couch." Xavier's cousin, Alyssa Viloria told 9News.

"My heart dropped when the police came. I thought "oh god, that bad?",' she further added. The cousin told that Xavier had a habit of playing with locks and he somehow managed to open the door. This led him to his solo adventure all by himself in the suburbs of Sydney.

As per reports on 9News, when Xavier was confronted by the police officers, he was shy and did not immediately reveal his name. However, the authorities later managed to bring him back home with the help of public assistance.