The 5-year-old girl, Mahi, who fell into the 70-feet-deep borewell on Wednesday, died after struggling for nearly 86 hours in the dark pit, authorities said.

The Gurgaon District Magistrate PC Meena confirmed in a statement that Mahi has been pulled out dead from the borewell. The little girl accidently slipped into the borewell while playing near her house in Kho village, Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana.

Though a massive rescue operation was launched, the authorities failed to save the life of the child.

With the reports of carelessness from the end of state authorities, enraged citizens and Bollywood celebrities slammed the government and its failed efforts for the child's death.

"So angry,y don't these idiots cover bore well's?Hope n pray that mahi survive's,poor baby,had to suffer 85hrs b cs of careless grownups," actor Salman Khan wrote on Twitter while the rescue operation was still on. Khan was the first actor to express his concern about the incident on the micro-blogging site.

Veteran Actor Amitabh Bachchan, who was shocked to hear the news, tweeted: "I hope this is incorrect .. but hearing from authorities that little Mahi has not survived .. so sad and depressing !!(sic)."

"We successfully launch ICM's, but could not successfully save a little child that fell into a bore well !!!(sic)," Bachchan added, expressing his distress over the failed attempt of the authorities to save the little one.

"Country with missile, satellite, submarine build/launch powers couldn't save a 5 year old trapped in a borewell .. :( RIP baby #Mahi ..," a Twitter user, Karthick V, wrote.

Tapas Sen, the CPO OF Radio Mirchi wrote: "The real tragedy is not just the death of the poor child #Mahi. The REAL tragedy is that she is not the last one. What a shame. What a shame."

Another user said, "Mahi died due to carelessness of authorities. #Prince in 2006 was saved from the claws of death. Not all were as lucky. When will this end?"

"#Mahi is latest victim of indifference of society..... well.. no lessons learned, and most tragically nothing wud be learned either. :((," wrote a user, Ash Dubey.

User R Gupta wrote: "Many lives getting lost due to accidents caused by negligence of civic authorities. See open gutters in markets everywhere routinely. #mahi."