Shilpa Shetty discharged from hospital after delivery. Image Credit: Twitter/ Raj Kundra

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been discharged from Mumbai's Hinduja hospital, where she gave birth to her first child on May 21.

Shilpa looked gorgeous in a black and blue long dress, while Raj adored his little one in his arms as they stepped out of the hospital.

"Today is the day Baby K will head home. I have no idea how my pet dog will react to our new born. Everyone at home eagerly waiting," Raj Kundra wrote on twitter.

Shilpa headed home with her newborn baby boy and husband to their Juhu house Saturday afternoon. The duo, along with their little one couldn't escape the lens of the paparazzi eagerly eyeing around the hospital to get a glimpse of the newborn Baby K.

"Thanking all the patient press for their love and understanding! Soo many photographers outside the hospital to c #BabyK #happyparents," Raj tweeted for his fans and media.

Though the name of the child has not been decided yet, the couple is referring to their bundle of joy as "Baby K" a.k.a "Baby Kundra," just like Beti B, the youngest member of the Bachchan family.

Raj, who is an enthusiastic twitter user, is on cloud nine ever since his child was born and he has been constantly updating his followers with all the latest baby updates.

"#BabyK latest update for all asking: he is eating sleeping & pooing. A normal baby (touchwood) Watch this space for all latest updates! Haha, he tweeted.

He wrote, "#babyK update: Baby K: Daddy plz shave your beard it is hurting me! Result: Daddy K clean shaved and Mummy K in shock!! Haha Love my Baby!"

Shilpa and Raj were married in 2009 and the actress announced her pregnancy in December last year. The London-born entrepreneur Raj Kundra also has a daughter with ex-wife Kavita.