Baby Girl Born with Zero Droplets of Blood, starts School
Maisy Vignes was born without a single droplet of blood in her bodyReuters

A four-year-old girl, who was born without a single droplet of blood in her body, has now recovered and started schooling.

Maisy Vignes, was born six weeks premature in December 2009 in County Waterford, Ireland, and had zero level of haemoglobin in her body. Her mother Emma absorbed the entire blood supply and surprisingly, the little girl still survived, according to the Telegraph.

Emma thought that her daughter would not be able to make it even for a few days. "It was an unbelievable situation - none of the consultants had ever heard of something like it happening before," the 31-year-old mother said.

Maisy was in the intensive care for two weeks and during that time period she received three blood transfusions. Emma further said, "There were previous cases of children being born with tiny amounts of blood, but Maisy had a haemoglobin level of a flat zero."

The worried mother said that there were some cases in the past where people survived even with a haemoglobin level of four, but it was unheard if one could survive with no blood at all, according to the Telegraph.

The major fear was that the baby could have brain damages as she had only a thin plasma substance in her veins, reports i100. According to the doctors, such a situation occurred possibly because the membranes in the womb rubbed together, which caused a rupture. Thus Emma was absorbing her daughter's blood.

The little girl who has surprisingly recovered is now impressing the teachers at her new school.

"When she said her first word – 'dadda' – at 15 weeks, it was a huge relief and a very emotional moment," said Emma.