As season 4 of "Baby Daddy" draws to a close, fans can hope for a Wheeler Wedding, but it looks like instead of the planned marriage between Bonnie and Brad, it might be between Danny and Riley. The said unplanning wedding is also expected to occur way in advance – during the bachelor party – in season 4 episode 21 "What Happens in Vegas".

As for "Till Dress Do Us Part", Bonnie's (Melissa Peterman) is busy with wedding plans and her sons Ben (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) and Danny (Derek Theler), along with friends Tucker (Tahj Mowry) and Riley (Chelsea Kane), are helping her and Brad (Peter Porte) out.

The penultimate episode of "Baby Daddy" season 4 will see the boys planning "epic, yet dignified" bachelor party for Brad, as Riley struggles with Bonnie's demands for a "crazy bachelorette party" after she got promoted to maid-of-honour.

Tucker, however, will not be joining the guys because he has a television convention in Detriot, but he is in fact going on his annual trek to Vegas, wherein he fulfills his dream of becoming a lounge singer. On finding out that Rucker is actually in the city of sin, the men follow him, and so do Riley and Bonnie.

After a night of drinks and partying, Danny and Bonnie both wake up to some surprises. While the mother is handcuffed to a magician, the son finds a wedding ring in his hand.

Could Danny and Riley have gotten married in a drunken impulse? After seeing Danny finally confess to his younger brother Ben that he is in love with Riley, this seems highly possible. However, it could also be that following the lines of "The Hangover", Danny got married to a stripper they hired for Brad's bachelor party.

Watch out for season 4 episode 21 of "Baby Daddy" titled at 8.30 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 29 July on ABC to find out if Danny and Riley are bound by marriage on "What Happens in Vegas" after four seasons worth of will they won't they. 

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Posted by Baby Daddy on Wednesday, 22 July 2015