Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan could not stop gushing about his daughter Aradhya, at the trailer launch of his upcoming film "Dhoom 3".  

The little toddler who will turn two years old in November has a found a friend in superstar Aamir Khan.

According to Abhishek, the toddler was quite happy in Aamir's arms during the shoot of "Dhoom 3"s Chicago leg.

"When we were shooting for 'Dhoom 3', I remember Aaradhya had come on the sets and Aamir spent an entire evening with her. She is very fond of him. She liked him and is also pally with him," Abhishek told Press Trust of India (PTI).

Aaamir and Kiran's son Azad was also present at the shoot. With both children enjoying each other's company, it must have been a tough a shoot for the celebrity parents Ash-Abhishek and Aaamir-Kiran.

The "Bol Bachchan" star had words of praise for his perfectionist co-actor Aamir and his remarkable villainous act in the film.

"This time the film is edgier, bigger and better. Aamir Khan has pushed the envelope...he has gone beyond. I think this will be his most brilliant and memorable role," he said.

"Aamir is like a child on the sets. It is wonderful to see a brilliant man like him work. You learn so much by just watching him work. It was a pleasure working with him," he added enthusiastically despite an injured elbow.

Abhishek, who will don the cop's role for the third time in YRF's "Dhoom 3", said that that the task of catching all three villains was fun.

Aamir, speaking of his co-stars Abhishek and Uday, revealed that the duo was opposite of what they portrayed onscreen. "Abhishek is good and straight in the film but in reality he is not like that. While Uday in the film is 'tedha' but he is good in real life," he said.