Babu Gogineni dumped from Bigg Boss Telugu 2.
Babu Gogineni grabbed a lot of negativity with his contradictory behavior in Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Babu Gogineni has been evicted from Nani's Bigg Boss Telugu 2 this weekend. Though he was considered as one of the strongest contenders, he gained a lot of negativity outside the house.

Here's a brief account of Babu Gogineni's journey on Bigg Bogg Telugu 2.

Marked as one of the geniuses of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Babu Gogineni had been famous even before his entry into the controversial game show. As a humanist, he had busted a couple of fake babas and physicians, which earned him a huge fame.

Babu Gogineni was the most sensible person on the show. But from the very beginning, he had taken sides and being partial during the tasks. He was even warned by Nani for getting influenced by Tejaswi Madivada. He had lost his temper on the housemates several times. His own behavior had drawn him negativity.

It must be noted that Babu Gogineni had been lazy, during the tasks, both physical and logical. As the days were passing on, he developed a kind of over-confidence, which was visible to the audience.

But Babu Gogineni managed to stay out of the elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2, as there were other constraints considered by the audience. Babu had always been in the center of the decision making tasks. He even played smart games by keeping himself out of the nominations.

Babu Gogineni, who is expected to be impartial, did not spare the ones he disliked. The audience felt it more like a face-off from the early impression on him, as he showed his cunning attitude in a few episodes. He triggered a wave of negativity, by slamming Geetha Madhuri for no valid reason.

In the recent episodes, Babu Gogineni had made some challenges, by which the audience is no more in the impression that he is a genuine person. Also, claiming himself as the 'international figure' has lead to negativity. So, the gradual process of him losing the credibility might be one of the reasons for his eviction from Bigg Boss Telugu 2 house today.

Geetha Madhuri tires to end the argument, but Babu Gogineni keeps targeting her verbally.
Babu Gogineni targets Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, and Deepti personally during tasks for a couple of times. He grabbed a huge negativity for his unnecessary statements.Star Maa

Babu Gogineni is also considered cunning, for his contradictory statements in the controversial show. He also made unnecessary theories when asked for a proper explanation, which the audience were not quite convinced.

On the other hand, the other set of the audience is upset over the elimination of Babu Gogineni, as weak contestants like Ganesh and Deepti Sunaina are still on the show.

In spite of the negative side, Babu Gogineni was considered as one of the most intelligent inmates. He was always lauded for his insight into the life and his unmatchable wisdom. Babu was respected not only for his age, but also for his knowledge. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 housemates considered him as a walking library, despite the petty fights and misunderstandings.