Baba Ramdev
India's yoga guru Baba Ramdev speaks at a news conference in New Delhi (file picture)Reuters

At a press conference organized by Baba Ramdev at the Constitutional Club, New Delhi, a social worker reportedly threw black ink at the yoga guru.

Ramdev's left eye was blackened by the ink thrown by Kamran Siddiqui.

The incident enraged the supporters of Ramdev who beat up Siddiqui.

According to NDTV, Siddiqui, a resident of New Delhi, who reportedly runs an NGO called "Real Cause," had gained entry into the hall posing as a security personnel.

A video clip by NDTV shows Siddiqui bleeding from his lips as Ramdev's aides manhandled him.

However, Baba Ramdev, who was talking to reporters at the press conference against black money, said that the incident did not affect him.

"I will not be affected by this incident. By throwing ink on me, my character will not change. We will continue our fight," IBNS quotes as saying by the Ramdev.

Undaunted by the attack, he said, "I spoke about bringing back black money to the country and giving it to the nation. I spoke about eradicating corruption. I spoke about turning a 'loot-tantra' to a real lok-tantra (democracy). And in return, as a prize this is what I have got. I don't mind receiving black ink. I was also shown black flags. I did not care even then. By throwing ink on someone, one cannot malign his character."

Meanwhile, Ramdev's supporters have blamed the Indian National Congress for the incident.

However, the motive behind Siddiqui's ink attack at Ramdev is unclear.