Telugu singer Smita has released her first single, 'Baha Kilikki', as a tribute to the team of "Baahubali: The Beginning". The music video of this pop song has gone viral on YouTube.

"Baahubali: The Beginning" introduced a new language called Kilikki to the world. This language is spoken by the people of Kalakeya tribe. Madhan Karky wrote the lyrics. On SS Rajamouli's request, he created a proper document for the language, which has 750 words and 40 grammar rules. Kilikki went on to create history.

Madhan Karky is now back with his magic and he has penned lyrics for Smita's pop song 'Baha Kilikki', which has been conceptualised by director Deva Katta. Achu Rajamani has composed music for the track, which has Bosco's choreography, Sameer Reddy's cinematography, Murali's art direction and Adele Periera's editing. This peppy number has come out really well.

The music video of 'Baha Kilikki' features singer Smita sizzling with Kalakeya Prabhakar and rapper Noel Sean. Parts of the song lyrics is below:

baaha kilikki

raaha kilikki

pipi filifi jivlaa groakki

unoa dunoa muvoa chavo

dambadamba bugoa kilikki!

The music video of 'Baha Kilikki' was released by the official YouTube channel of pop singer Smita on 22 December. The video has been viewed by 503,167 people in six days. It has garnered 5,824 thumbs up (likes), 490 thumbs down (dislikes) and 46 comments, most of which were positive.

Here are some unique comments taken from YouTube:

Pradeep Kumar ML: It is awesome. When there were speculations stating you were trying something with Kilikki language, I expected it to be a mediocre attempt. It is quite mainstream and enjoyable too. Welcome back Smita!!

Raviteja Meduri: What a re-entry !!! She z back with an excellent theme :D Kudos to Deva katta for his idea.

Rangusagar Rangu: Super re Entry excellent Smitha Garu. I cant Stop Dancing Hearing & Seeing This Rocking Song Super Performance Smitha Garu Suuper

Benu Discuss: Nice Thought!! The Lyrics are superb!! Smita rocks as always !! cheers :-)

Aaryan Gautham: Really Impressed me a Lot .. nice sounds .. impressive dance Steps especially Tongue Step.....

Naveen Krishna: Wonderful job Deva Katta, Madhan Karky, smita, Prabhakar and Everyone involved in bringing such a concept to life. Turn ON the subtitles to enjoy the song.

Anji jambula: Waiting for the more songs..smita garu.. You R the only one who produce the pop of telugu.we hope this song gonna be work;s sure..Bet

Nag smsu: Nice Rap Song & The Lyrics Was Awesome Because It Couldn't Understand........LoL Smita Is Back

Rakesh Siriki: Song in & on ''Kilkil'' Language .. wow innovative thought .. its really good to hear aswell ..

Smita is a well-known singer in the south and even won a Filmfare Award in 2005 for Best Female Playback singer.