Even as "Baahubali" is getting ready for a mammoth release worldwide, here comes a news that the story of the movie has been leaked.

The version doing the rounds on social media is accusatory, saying the movie has been inspired by Kannada classic "Mayura" starring late Rajkumar.

Below, we bring you the speculated storyline as posted on Facebook:

A collage of 'Mayura' and "Baahubali'.IB Times India

There used to be a king called Amarendra Baahubali (played by Prabhas), who ruled Mahishmathi and his wife is actress ‎Anushka Shetty. People live happily in his kingdom, until a cruel minister (probably played by Nassar) joins hands with Rana (an evil king of another kingdom), who attacks Baahubali, kills the king and captures the kingdom.

The kingdom now belongs to Rana, who puts up a huge statue of himself in the kingdom and makes people of Baahubali's kingdom his slaves. He also tries to kill the young son of Amarendra Baahubali, who survives when his mother (Anushka) flees with him by crossing a sea.

But the evil army captures Anushka and makes her a prisoner. Unfortunately and mysteriously, they cannot find her son, since he is left in a nearby island. The boy is taken care by inhabitants of the island who name him Shivudu (played by Prabhas). One day, Tana's daughter Avanthika (Tamannah) visits the island.

Prabhas sees her and they both fall in love. This makes Prabhas to visit her kingdom and that's when he is told about his past. Prabhas decides to fight the evil army to help the people of his father's kingdom and also to get Avanthika. He uses his tribal army to attack the kingdom and take over it, which is now ruled by Old Rana (Balladev). The rest of the story is how Prabhas faces the evil army, defeats it and captures his kingdom.

The outline seems to have some resemblance to Devudu Narasimha Sastri's "Mayura" that had Dr Rajkumar, Srinath, Manjula and Vajramani in lead roles.