"Baahubali" poster which introduces the character Kalakeya war lordTwitter/ SS Rajamouli

The fifth poster of "Baahubali" has been released. The poster introduces the character Kalakeya war lord played by Prabhakar and is touted to be the best poster of the movie released so far.

The director introduces the character with the caption: "Blood quenches his thirst, Violence gives him peace. Commander of a 100,000 barbarians!!!"

The poster was probably the most-awaited, as the audience were kept guessing about the actor who plays Kalakeya war lord. With the release of each poster, the expectations over the movie have been increasing.

All the posters have created waves among fans who are eagerly waiting for the release of the trailer and the film. The director of the movie has already announced that the trailer will be released on 29 May.

The fourth poster, which was released on 8 May, introduced the character of Rajamatha Sivagami played by Ramya Krishna.

In the introductory message for Sivagami, the director said: "Never before have I dealt with a character so intense and an actor so capable. She is the driving force for our whole unit these past 2.5 years."

The third poster, which was released on 6 May, introduced the character Devasena, played by Anushka Sheetty. In the poster, she is shown in a completely new avatar, as a woman who has been captured and tortured. The poster in fact, came as a surprise to many who were expecting Anushka in a princess-like look.

Meanwhile, the makers have confirmed that Anushka's role of Devasena will be her career best and the actress will make only a brief appearance in the first part.

The first poster indicated birth of a child, which the director said is "one single moment at its core which defines & drives the entire plot."

The second poster introduced the character "Shivudu – The Unrestrained", played by Prabhas. In the poster, he is seen as a strong man who has lifted a huge "Shivling" on his shoulder. The director mentions the character as someone who pursues relentlessly to get what his heart yearns for and as the "Mover of Heaven and Earth."