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SS Rajamouli's Baahubali 2 (Bahubali 2) has hit the screens on Friday, (April 28). The movie has largely garnered positive reviews from every nook and corner of the country. Be it critics or fans, people have just good things to say about the multilingual movie. 

The movie is written by KV Vijayendra Prasad. His son SS Rajamouli has penned the screenplay and directed the multilingual movie, which has Anushka Shetty and Tamannaah Bhatia in the female leads. Nassar, Ramya Krishnan and Sathyaraj have played important roles in the two-part flicks.

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MM Keeravani has composed the music and 'Bale Bale,' Vandhaai Ayya' and 'Kannaa Nee Thoongdaa' songs have struck the chords with the viewers. KK Senthil Kumar has handled the cinematography and his brilliance has come to display in the first instalment itself. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao has done the editing.

Baahubali 2 Story:
The first instalment had shown how the power-hungry Pallvalathevan (Rana Daggubati) devises plans to eliminate his cousin Amarendra Baahubali (Prabhas) to rule the Kingdom of Mahishmati. Amarendra's son (played by Prabhas again), realising his true identity and how he escapes his mother Maharani Devasena (Anushka Shetty), from the clutches of Pallvalathevan were highlighted in Baahubali: The Beginning. However, the movie was ended with Kattappa (Sathyaraj) plunging a sword into the back of the prince Amarendra Baahubali, leading the audience wondering 'why Kattappa killed Baahubali?'

Average Ratings Given by Audience to Baahubali 2: 3.5

Baahubali: The Conclusion will answer whether Kattappa really killed Baahubali and the mystery surrounding the episode. The second instalment revolves around Amarendra and how his son wages war against Pallvalathevan.

Baahubali 2 Movie Review
The movie amazes the audience with its grandeur. The first half belongs to Anushka, Sathyaraj, Prabhas and Nassar. The well-written dialogues and screenplay get full marks, say satisfied viewers.  Prabhas has a terrific screen presence, while Rana Daggubati has continued his good work from the first instalment. Anushka Shetty as Devasena has a great scope for acting and she shines. Ramya Krishna brings greatness to this riveting story, declare the Tamil audience. MM Keeravani's background score elevates the key sequences to a different level. SS Senthil Kumar's cinematography is illuminating. Technically, the movie is top notch and SS Rajamouli pushes the envelope. 

On the flip side, the length of the movie has worried the viewers and many say that the movie drags in parts. Also, some of the cine-goers have highlighted that they are not happy with the climax. 

Below, we bring to you the live updates from the audience:

Praveen‏: #Baahubali2 — Watch this epic only in theatres, worth every penny. No use of watching it in pirated websites. Sure BB movie of the year.
#Baahubali2 — The goosebumps inducing interval block is just mind blowing. At 3 hours, does feel lengthy but surely better than #Baahubali.
#Baahubali2 — Stays true to the incredible efforts of the team. #Prabhas what a terrific performance along with #Anushka. Great experience!
#Baahubali2 — 4/5 @ssrajamouli Monstrous rampage! Spectacular visual treat. A storm-level cinematic trip with powerhouse perform. Go for it!

Priyanka: Women rise above #Baahubali in the film. To know why watch the @ssrajamouli creation. Anushka and RamyaKrishna rock.
#Baahubali2 is a brilliant made film. @ssrajamouli by par is the biggest filmmaker of today in India.

Surendhar MK: #Baahubali2: #Prabhas's sword-thwacking manliness is such a delight to watch. He has thrown his heart into the character. HUGE RESPECT
#Baahubali2: Mindblowing experience. @ssrajamouli's ability to match the visual spectacle on par with emotions is the biggest success
#Baahubali2 SSR sets the conflict beautifully. #Anushka as Devasena is equally powerful and gorgeous. Stage is nicely set for the 2nd half.
Half way through #Baahubali2. Blown away by the scale, emotions and drama. Hats off to SSR. Goosebumps-inducing interval block. #Prabhas

Kannan: #Baahubali2 - Superb BGM by @mmkeeravani, mind blowing ideas & top notch execution by @ssrajamouli! Don't miss the experience on big screen.
#Baahubali2 - Majestic screen presence by #Prabhas! Rana, Anushka, Ramya, Nasser & Satyaraj everyone shine with superbly written chars.
#BaahubaliTheConclusion - Grand epic entertainer that's absolutely awesome till half way, slightly loses grip but strong finish! (8/10)
#Baahubali2 - Bigger, Better & Brilliant so far! #Interval. Bring it on... #WKKB
Back after a bit big break! #Baahubali2 Terrific atmosphere... Fantastic title credit sequence!! #Goosebumps already!!!

Sreedhar Pillai: #Baahubali2 4/5. The standard set by the director is so high but there are minor issues like the CGI created animals.
#Baahubali2 4/5 Technically slick- Camera #SenthilKumar, Production Design #Sabu, Sound #Satheesh & #Keeravani's stunning music & BGM.
#Baahubali 2 - #Sathyaraj as #Katappa steals the show . @Ranadagubatti towers as the deadly #Bhallaladeva . @nasser_kameela, is fantastic.
#Baahubali2 - #Anushka is simply awesome as the warrior princess #Devasena. #RamyaKrishnan as #Sivagami is regal and has a style of her own.
#Baahubali2 4/5 Belongs 2 #Prabhas who looks majestic and has given his best ever performance and excels in action scenes. #WKKB scene a gem
#Baahubali2 4/5. Lot more than it's much talked about hash tag #WKKB. Humor,Romance, Betrayal, Revenge, Action, Sentiments, packaged well
#Baahubali2 4/5. Mind blowing & Truly Spectacular.@ssrajamouli's grandeur,storytelling & stunning visuals makes it a rocking entertainer.

Kaushik LM: #Baahubali2 - 4/5 There are issues with dubbing lip sync, VFX & the over the top finale BUT just go watch, savour & repeat! The experience
#Baahubali2 - 4/5 Also, royal salute to VP, Keeravani, KKS, Editor, Sabu Cyril, Peter Hein, VFX teams, costume dept., sound teams etc etc
#Baahubali2 2nd half -The final battle sequence is far-fetched even by fantasy standards. But the film has tremendous repeat value otherwise
#Baahubali2 2nd half - @ssrajamouli can elevate even a newborn baby. Phew, goosebumps! The final 20 odd mins is the revenge battle sequence
#Baahubali2 2nd half -Lots of deceit, manipulation in the royal family & it leads to the #WKKB episode - which is very emotional. Touching!
#Baahubali2 1st half Glorious #Prabhas, @ssrajamouli knows to position him perfectly. Dramatic sibling rivalry for the kingdom is setup fine
#Baahubali2 1st half - Literally earth shattering interval blockWow, verithanam from @ssrajamouli - the proven King of heroism & elevation

Ramesh Bala: #Baahubali2 [4/5]: Kudos to Dir @ssrajamouli for giving us an Epic.. This will be an ATBB by a mile..
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: Camera , Stunt Choreography, Production Design and VFX departments have done their best..
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: Music Dir @mmkeeravaani deserves a special mention.. His BGM elevates the key sequences to a totally different level..
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: @RanaDaggubati continues his good work from Part I.. @meramyakrishnan #Sathyaraj and #Nasser complete the movie..
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: #Anushka as #Devasena is perfect.. She has a great scope in acting and action.. She nails it.. As Princess, she looks fab
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: #Prabhas 's Milestone Movie has become Indian Cinema 's Milestone Movie.. Totally justifies the title role.. Dignified..
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: #Prabhas has given his all.. Whether Majestic appearance or ferocious warrior or acting in emotional scenes.. Remarkable
#Baahubali2 [4/5]: A True Indian Epic Movie of International Standards.. Screenplay, Acting, Emotions, Action Seqs & Music - Outstanding
#Baahubali2 1st Half: #Anushka looks like a #RaviVarma painting.. She is grace personified.. #Prabhas elevation scenes r Theri Mass..

Rajasekar‏: #Baahubali2 Though @ssrajamouli is not a Tamilian, IMO he is the only dir who can adapt Kalki's #PonniyinSelvan to big screen, sir pls do
#Baahubali2 gives the same high of reading a well written epic novel. Royal salute @ssrajamouli & Vijayendra Prasad for that interval scene
#Baahubali2 : No one can elevate mass sequence like @ssrajamouli DOT! Whattey interval block

Sunitha Simon: Totally lived up to the hype. @ssrajamouli didn't disappoint us for a moment. #India is proud of you Sir. #muchrespect
It's only @ssrajamouli & @Me_Prabhas who've made it #TheBaahubali ! Perhaps India's biggest film ever. #Baahubali2
Egged on by courage,curiosity & clout. Definitely one mighty cinema ever made by an Indian.Totally sunk into it. #Baahubali2 #TheBaahubali
He raised the bar not just for actors in superhero films, but for just everyone. @Me_Prabhas ??#Baahubali2 #BaahubaliTheConclusion
A euphoric moment for every #southindian @ssrajamouli you've created history with #Baahubali #Baahubali2
Happy #Baahubali2 day people. Live the #Baahubali phenomena.

Harsha Vardhan‏: #Baahubali2 Good movie spoiled by lackluster climax It has potential to be a blockbuster at BO but huge disappointment for @ssrajamouli fans
Too lengthy, poor VFX, no buildup, not even a single @ssrajamouli moment.

Rohit Venkatraman‏: #baahubali2 - just felt the preclimax part could have been much better & convincing , has its share of goosebumps moments very often 3.5/5
The intermission sequence & the scenes leading to them were brilliantly done & #prabhas performs so well during those portions

Vinay Kumar‏: Very nicely made title scene #baahubali2
Grand entry by Prabhas... #Baahubali2 has no shortage of grandness... well done @ssrajamouli !!! Pulled it off very well.
It's interval time and still no answer for why did #Kattappa killed Baahubali... @ssrajamouli revealing in #Baahubali2 or planning for 3 ?
Half way through #Baahubali2 ... exceeds expectations in all aspects !!! How can @ssrajamouli have so much attention to details !!! #Superb
@BaahubaliMovie it's interval time and it's already paisa vasool !! Watching premier show in #Netherlands .. thanks @7kcinema_nl
#Baahubali2 raising standards of Indian movie making. Well narrated, lived up to expectations. Trouble for @ssrajamouli to maintain this !!
Watched first time an Indian movie in #Utrecht Netherlands. It had to be #Baahubali2 . #Prabhas top scorer, @ssrajamouli man of the match.
#Baahubali2 Wearing critics hat, CG works in climax and slightly elongated climax fight between #Prabhas #Rana. But others outshine this.
Being Kannadiga, watched Tamil version of #Baahubali2 originally made in Telugu, in a Dutch country with English subtitles. @BaahubaliMovie

Christopher Kanagaraj‏: #Bahubali2 - 1st half | Grand visuals, superb music, astonishing stunts, mass interval block. On the flip side slow first 30 mins, bad CG.
#Bahubali2 - 2nd hlf | Emotional drama. Satyaraj, Anuska & Ramyakr scores.Screenplay drags,esp last 30 mins.Mystery unveiled,bt nt exciting.

Dheeraj Shet‏: You will regret your decision later if you miss BAAHUBALI CONCLUSION in theaters. #Baahubali2 #BaahubaliTheConclusion
BAAHUBALI 2 is a complete package encompassing good story, music, with rich Indian History, Culture and Heritage. #BaahubaliTheConclusion
@ssrajamouli has given glimpse of cultural relevance of tribal sports Jallikattu & Kambala in the movie creatively. #BaahubaliTheConclusion
Bharath Samskriti, Yuddhashastra, Samskrit Bhasha, Rajkiyashastra, Vigyan & tantragyan, Kshatriya Dharma is strongly projected. #Baahubali2
No compromise in showing the Wealth, the Richness, the Beauty of India and Indians. longlive @ssrajamouli and longlive #Baahubali2
Indian Cultural values like Respect for Elders, Women & Authority, Kshatriya Dharma and Dharma in general is well presented #Baahubali2
Feels like Architectures, Clothing & apparel, Arts, Crafts, Weaponry, Economics, Politics, Science & tech of India is revived #Baahubali2

Hisham‏: #Baahubali2 1st half - That grandness , epicness , and royal like we all expected. Every second of first half thrills. @ssrajamouli ,LEGEND.
#Baahubali2 is high on emotions indeed, there is comedy sequence, plenty of em & it ain't forced but #Kattapa u r no clown.
May be it didnt have an epic climax which it deserves , but what an absolute big screen experience. MUST WATCH..!! #Baahubali2

MessiDona‏: #Baahubali2 Interval: No words to describe mind blowing fun.Visuals,BGM and mass scene never seen indian Cinema.

Bobby Ganguly‏: #Baahubali2 is high on emotions indeed, there is comedy sequence, plenty of em & it ain't forced but #Kattapa u r no clown.
#Baahubali2 Kuntala Kingdom looks so beautiful, beyond words when it comes to description.