Azim Premji
Wipro Group Chairman Azim Premji.Reuters File

Wipro Group chairman Azim Premji, who stirred a controversy by attending an event organised by Hindu organisation Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Sunday, has been getting support from the Twitterati, who have lashed out at mainstream media for creating a fuss over it.

The 69-year-old businessman, who is widely respected as a philanthropist, was invited by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to speak at the gathering of NGOs named Rashtriya Sewa Sangam.

Premji drew sharp criticism for attending the event from some people who said his presence was tantamount to an endorsement of the RSS, even as Premji said that the criticism was wrong.  

"Some people had advised me that attending the event could appear as endorsing the ideology of the Sangh. I did not follow the advice because I am not a political person and I know that speaking here does not mean that I endorse all views of the organisation," Hindustan Times quoted Premji as saying at the function.

Addressing the gathering of about 500 NGOs, Premji expressed the need to strengthen the educational system in India and the need to invest more in schools and higher education.

He said that everyone needs to come on a common platform to achieve the desired success of the nation and sort out differences through dialogue.

"It is vital that we accept them and find a common ground to work together. Negative people only focus on differences. How empowering it would be for us as a nation if we focus on common causes. If there are differences of views or divergence of ideas, they can only be resolved through discussion and dialogue," The Times of India quoted Premji as saying.

Azim Premji is one of the top 10 topics trending on Twitter, as people came out in his support, more so his insightful observation on India as a "pluralistic nation" and therefore "accept" difference of views.  

Does anyone care if "Azim Premji" endorses RSS ideology or not? You take care of your leave it to wisdom of people. – Prahlad Kumar

Sections of the media – who saw Premji's presence at the event as some kind of an endorsement of the RSS and its views – were criticised by those on social media for creating a "hullabaloo" on the issue and portraying Premji in bad light. 

This news is again an example to prove that how much hatred these news traders have for HINDUS and HINDU – Ritesh Kumar