Azealia Banks
Azealia BanksReuters

Azealia Banks on Friday shocked her fans when she posted online a video of her claiming to be a witch, and then proceeding to showcase a room where she allegedly practises witchcraft.

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Banks admitted to practising "three years worth of brujería" (the Spanish word for witchcraft) before beginning to clean the room where she sacrifices chickens. The video showed the room covered in stains of blood, and feathers are seen sticking to the wood floor.

"The amount of crap that's about to come off my floor right now guys? Oh my God," she says in the video. "You know I got to scrape all this s— up. I've got my sandblaster, and my goggles — it's about to go down."

"Real witches do real things," she added.

The video caused quite an outrage, with singer Sia calling out the 25-year-old for animal cruelty. "Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest s*** I've ever heard. Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard," Sia tweeted, something that did not go well with Banks, who once again took to social media to blast the singer.

"And your ugly pasty dry white lady winter skin face is the ugliest fave (sic) I've ever seen that must be why you hide it all the time," Banks wrote, adding: "HAVE SOME F*****G RESPECT FOR MY F*****G TRADITIONAL AFRICAN RELIGION YOU POMPOUS WHITE B****."

These messages are no longer available on Banks' feed.

Banks earlier hinted at her fascination with witchcraft in an interview with Broadly in March, saying her mother used to practise it. "My mother practised white table magic," she said. "Prayers for the ancestors and prayers for saints and cleansing and praying for all kinds of protection."